Remastered Windows Phone 8 design templates for Photoshop

Maybe you're familiar with Microsoft's official design resources for Windows Phone 8. You should be. Among other things, they share great PSD templates of native UI components and layouts. The PSDs could be a little better, though, and now they are.

Remastered Windows Phone 8 design templates

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Everything in one PSD

Microsoft's original templates are scattered across 27 separate PSD files. Now they're all included in one neatly organized file, saving us all a lot of trouble. And no, it's not too big.

Vectorized assets

The original templates are almost exclusively composed of rasterized graphics, with only some links to AI smart objects. Now almost everything is vectors, and editable in Photoshop.

Massive file size reductions

Microsoft's original PSD package weighs in at 37 MB compressed, and a whopping 116.6 MB uncompressed. This one only takes up 5.9 MB compressed, 32.9 MB uncompressed. Templates shouldn't eat up space on your Skydrive.

Clean & clear

All layer names have been cleaned up to be human-readable. Layer grouping and ordering is also more intuitive and consistent. Many small misalignments and other imperfections have also been fixed.

You can find the original from Microsoft on their design resources for Windows Phone 8 page. This remastered version is created by Jerry J├Ąppinen, with original licencing and legal information included.